Mbot2 Lessons 02

Powered by Cyberpi

Powered by Cyberpi, this innovative and easy-to-build robot will inspire kids to learn, grow, and play in limitless ways.

Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and community boys and girls can step into the world of CS and technology learning utilizing precision movement control with encoder motors, expandable mBuild modules, and structural parts that come together in a unique programmable design.

Meet mBot Neo – the smart educational robot designed for learning computer science and STEAM education in a fun and easy way! Introducing mBot2 from Makeblock Education for secondary schools! mBot2 is a next-generation educational robot designed with extended capabilities, starting as an entry-level solution in lower secondary education and going all the way to upper secondary and beyond. mBot2 is powered by CyberPi, an educational microcontroller enhanced with network capabilities, built-in sensors and much more! Mbot Neo Getting Started, Configure Mbot2 for the first time, Mbot2 Neo upload firmware and install.

Download makeblock software to your PC and install. You can buy from Amazon here is the link: https://amzn.to/3ZYEWgG

mBot2 Operation Guide check out my website : https://www.samuraiteacher.com/getting-started-with-mbot2/

mBot Neo robot made by Makeblock. mBot Neo is a STEAM education robot for beginners, that makes teaching and learning robot programming simple and fun.

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